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Boost your MILK and Immunity with Nature Earth’s M2 Malunggay Tea Concentrate

August is Breastfeeding month and because it is one advocacy that I have been supporting even after weaning Coco, let me share to you one of my secrets on boosting my milk, which I actually shared way back as well. Today’s I am giving the spotlight to one of my favorite milk boosters, or just simply my favorite thirst quenchers – Nature Earth’s M2 Malunggay Tea.

Back story: Coco was around 1 and a half when I feel like I don’t have as much milk as during when he was younger. And I still want to continue to breastfeed him because I am quite sure that him and I aren’t ready to wean yet. One day, we were shopping at Greenhills and I chanced upon the food stalls in the center and saw bottles of M2 Malunggay Tea Concentrate. I was curious about it since it is malunggay, and we all know when they say milk booster, it is malunggay, right? I tried it and loved it and it has been my staple drink everyday, until Coco weaned at 3 years old and months after when I finished my stocks. It is just recently when I learned about it having a ready to drink variant, which may be more convenient to me, as I only need it as a healthy thirst quencher. I got so addicted to it easily.

What is in an M2 Malunggay Tea Concentrate? M2 Malunggay is a surprisingly delicious and refreshingly nutritious tea concentrate, it has no caffeine and it has an all natural ingredients of malunggay, okra (lady finger) and ginger (luya) and is sweetened with muscuvado sugar that enhances its flavor giving it. Also, 1 serving of M2 Tea (4 tbsp) is equal to 8 500g capsules of Moringa Powder. It can be a source of Vitamins A, B, C and E, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Beta Carotene and Antioxidants. It is approved by FDA as a healthy and nutritional drink.

It is not only for breastfeeding mommies, but for everyone in the family including the kids and the seniors, as it is guaranteed safe and a healthier option.

What are the the benefits? 1. To enrich milk production for lactating moms 2. For immunity booster 3. For energy booster 4. To boost vitality for men 5. To ease pain for seniors

Sharing this infographic from M2 Malunggay as well:

How to drink the tea concentrate? 1 serving of M2 Malunggay Tea Concentrate is equal to 4 tbsp plus 1 cup of water. I drink it hot or cold. Sometimes, I squeeze in lemon or calamansi to make it citrusy. Sometimes, I add a slice of lemon and honey. Sometimes I mix it with Milo. With my ready to drink, sometimes I pour in yakult in the cup, reminiscent of a yakult infused tea from one of my fave milk tea shops.

For breastfeeding moms, drink it 2-3 times a day, preferably after a meal. You can also make a healthy milk tea concoction by mixing M2 Malunggay concentrate and milk, tapioca pearls (or sago) and ice cubes.

For pregnant moms, limit your intake to at least twice a day after a meal. But for those experiencing Gestational Diabetes, it is not allowed. Please consult your doctor first.

Once opened, consumed immediately, at least a month or 2. Refrigerate.

What are the available M2 Malunggay items? 1L and 300ml M2 Malunggay Tea Concentrate 320ml M2 Malunggay Ready-to-drink Moringa Shing-A-Ling (BBQ, Sour Cream and Cheese) Moringa Otap cookies

Where to buy and how much? You can buy your favorite M2 Malunggay drink at any Robinson’s Supermarket, SM Hypermarkert (MOA, Makati, Sucat, Southmall and Bicutan), Andoks Litson outlets, Landers Superstore, SnR Membership shopping, UrbanMom, BabyMama and reseller and distributors nationwide. You can also message their Facebook page for orders that can be delivered via Lalamove or GrabBike.

Tea Concentrate: 1L (17 glasses) at Php270 300ml (5 glasses) at Php110

Ready to drink: 320ml at Php35

oin M2 Lactation Club which is an online community for breastfeeding mothers to share their joy and struggles on their breastfeeding journey. via their socials: Instagram | Facebook


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