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The Municipality of Bansud, Oriental Mindoro headed by the Municipal health Office successfully held our first Buntis Congress with the theme, “Pag Healthy si Mommy, Happy si Baby” on September 15, 2022 together with the PinasLAKAS Covid Vaccination and the launching of Puno ng Pag-ibig Project of Municipal Civil Registrar. The event was attended by a total of one hunded five (105) pregnant women and participants from pre-marriage counselling, MCR staff, MHO staff, and Barangay Health Workers.

The program highlighted the Gandang Buntis 2022 which participated by one pregnant mother from the 13 barangays of Bansud. They were given the chance to walk with grace while wearing their maternity dress and gave inspirational quotes during the pageant. Consolation prices together with certificates were given to candidates.  The 2nd runner up comes from Barangay Sumagui while the 1st runner up comes from Barangay Pag-asa, and Barangay Proper Bansud conquer the crown of Ms. Gandang Buntis 2022.

The congress also held activities such as information dissemination regarding the importance of Pre-natal Checkup, Breastfeeding, Family Planning and Dental Checkup. There were also incentives like alcohol, baby dress and diapers, free dental check-up, free laboratories and free samplers of M2 Malunggay Tea Drink. Indigenous pregnant mothers were also given buntis kit. Some won from raffle/token sponsored by GBL Southmed Trading. The office of the Municipal Civil Registrar encourages the couple who underwent Pre-Marriage Counselling to implement the Puno ng Pag-ibig Project Program which encourage them to plant a tree that will serve as a reminder of the growth of their marriage life.

The Municipal Health Office headed by Dr. Mario O. Sales expressed our sincere thanks to the guests, sponsors and participants for making this event a success. We also expressed our gratitude to Mayor Ronaldo M. Morada for his continuous support for the health programs.  

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