A Refreshing Drink That Increases Breastmilk Supply

I honestly believe that millennials are being so lucky to be mothers at this time and year. Everything is always readily available — information, Grab rides, grocery deliveries, indoor drying without the filthy smell, robo-floor cleaners, easy-to-open, quick-cook — literally everything you could think about to make our lives as mothers are already in the market! Do you agree?

As a proud mom in this modern day with two adorable daughters. I have been breastfeeding my first child for almost two years when I got pregnant with my second child. Because of this, I started to worry if my milk supply would be enough for both of my babies. I researched about healthy products and supplements that will help me sustain breastfeeding a young toddler and a newborn.

You probably heard how Malunggay works on matters like this. I take my daily dose from Vpharma Mega-Malunggay capsule and Mother Nurture Malunggay Coffee Mix every morning.

But I am really happy to have tried out M2 Malunggay Tea Drink and their malunggay snacks too!

What is M2 Malunggay?

M2 Malunggay is a healthy drink formulated with the combination of Moringa, Ginger and Lady Finger. M2 is a natural, healthy source for vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants, and other important compounds that your body relies on to stay healthy and could also help boost breast milk. It is known to be rich in Iron, Calcium, Potassium and Beta Carotene. It is approved by the Food and Drug Authority as a healthy drink.

How does it taste?

It does not have caffeine. It is made only with fresh and natural ingredients.


It does not taste bitter. In fact, my daughter Yana loves it so much! It is actually sweet because of the muscovado that helps enhance the flavor. It is being compared to the taste of gulaman juice. I honestly didn’t expect it to be this delicious so I was honestly surprised! What a refreshingly nutritious drink!

How is it healthy?

Here are the three major ingredients of M2 Malunggay:

Malunggay (Moringa)