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Get a Dose of Healthy with M2 Tea Drink

What happens when a nursing mother gets sick?

Just recently, I’ve caught a nasty bug – 39ish fever, cough and colds, and it has taken a toll on my milk supply. The milk machine suddenly felt empty and I have a baby signing for milk even when she’s on the boob already! The body apparently prioritizes all the water supply to heal itself first before making milk.

I have since recovered from that bug but I’m still getting back on track with boosting my milk supply.

Apart from guzzling bottles of water, I have considered various milk boosters.

M2 Malunggay Tea Drink

One of my discoveries is this M2 Tea Drink from Nature Earth.

It is a healthy combination of malunggay, okra, and ginger in a bottle. Malunggay is a known breastmilk booster so I have very little doubt that this will help increase my milk supply.

I find the ginger taste too strong though so I like to dilute it with a little water and ice.

This boy, apparently, doesn’t have a problem with it as he drinks it straight from the bottle. He likes it and fights me for it, which is good actually because I can never get him to eat malunggay if it’s served as a dish, much less okra and ginger! This way, he’s getting all the veggie goodness from his “juice”. Sneaky, sneaky!

Kamote Chips

Another one of Nature Earth’s products is this bag of yummy kamote chips. It comes in plain and BBQ flavor.

You can taste the natural sweetness of the kamote that even the plain variant is worth snacking over! I can finish the whole thing in just one sitting!

I’m not the only one. She’s not really a fan of any kind of food but this one she really likes! I don’t mind giving it to her because the only ingredient listed on the label is sweet potato, no harmful additives!

Where to Buy

I was able to buy mine from SM Hypermarket but these are also available in Robinson’s and Andoks branches nationwide.


  • P250 – 1L M2 Concentrate

  • P100 – 300mL M2 Ready to Drink

  • 3 for P100 – Kamote chips (or P35 each)

So what does a nursing mama’s tea party look like? M2 Tea drink and some kamote chips, anyone?


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