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Bacolod Mompreneurs Distribute the M2 Health Drink in NIR

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

What do you do when you can’t source out what you want locally? You become the exclusive distributor. This is what Bacolod mompreneurs Jessica and Maj did. And this is what got them busy and healthy even throughout the enhanced quarantine period because of Covid-19. You can join their team, too. Read more.

Our kids with M2.We need natural immunity boosters like this to stay healthy and fight disease. ~

M2: Malunggay, Okra, Luya Concentrate Tea Drink

When Bacolod mom Jessica Abada-Gonzaga, a.k.a. Icai, was 32 weeks pregnant with her eldest child, she encountered M2. At first she hesitated because the label is kinda of “veggie-ish”. But she tried it anyway after a cousin bought it for her. She actually liked it.

After she gave birth, Mommy Icai continued taking M2 because she decided to exclusively breastfeed her newborn. It would be a good drink supplement plus she liked the taste.

M2 is a health drink for everybody. Here are Mommy Maj’s sons. ~

Not only did M2 become her immune booster, it because her breastfeeding supplement to increase milk production

Eventually, M2 became a staple drink in their house. Even her hubby takes it, too, replacing apple and aloe vera juice that they used to love.

Many moms have sworn by the efficacy of M2 to stimulate milk production, including Mommy Icai. She has experienced a steady supply of milk for little one.

Influencing Others

One time, Mommy Icai hosted a Bible study group at home for her friends. All her guests, including Mommy Maj Sales-Montelibano, all loved it. By the way, I just to mention that Mommy Maj is the wife of Architect Geoff Montelibano, whose most notable design to date is the Christ the Redeemer Columbarium that I blogged before. Read: Celebrating Life in Style the Filipino-Chinese Way | Christ the Redeemer Columbarium Complex

Both Mommy Icai and Mommy Maj both loved M2 but couldn’t easily buy it here in Bacolod City. “My M2 supply came from S&R Iloilo, but they also easily get sold out there,” Icai laments. She had already inquired about being a reseller months before but she thought she couldn’t handle the logistics because she is a new mom.

~ M2 mixed with the butterfly pea flower as an antioxidant. ~

So these two Bacolod moms decided to team up. With Maj’s encouragement as well as physical support, they launched the exclusive distributorship of M2 in the Negros Island. They cover two provinces – Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental.

The two moms are now official Bacolod mompreneurs.

How to be a Part of their Team

With the many health threats around us, with Covid-19 as the most dreaded, people have started a health revolution. There is now a greater interest in keeping ourselves healthy in order to fight infections and diseases. Wellness is no longer a trend but is fast becoming a lifestyle.

The orders keep coming but the resellers are few. Throughout the quarantine period, our Bacolod mompreneurs kept getting steady orders from new and repeat customers. It has helped them earn extra income while just staying at home.

M2 Ready to Drink vegetable tea. ~

So if you want be a reseller of the M2 concentrate in Bacolod City or any part of Negros Island, you may contact:

  • Jessica: (0998) 986-4345

  • Majahl: (0942) 471-1746

  • Email:

  • FB Page: M2NegrosIsland

  • IG: @M2NegrosIsland

How to Prepare the M2 Drink

The M2 Tea Concentrate is an awesome addition to the family’s pantry. It is made of pure vegetable extracts and sweetened with muscovado sugar. Malunggay, okra, and ginger were combined together to come up with a refreshing drink.

~ Achi Shawna likes it warm with Citron. Shane likes it ice cold and sweet. ~

You can take M2 hot or cold. Just 4 Tbsps. per serving is already good. You can have it as is or you may mix it with lemon, calamansi, or Citron tea and mix with hot water. Or you may dissolve it in tap water and add ice.

Mix and Match Healthy Concoctions

“At home, hubby and I try to play around with M2, which we use as a sweetener and serves as nutritional boost. We would add it with milk or with flavored soda water,” Mommy Icai explains. But she says that her personal favorite is the combination of Yakult, lemon, and M2. “It’s just like the Yakult mixed drink in milk tea shops- but the healthier version,” she enthuses.

On the other hand, Mommy Maj has M2 at home because it has replaced regular juice drinks that are full of sugar. Her 6-year-old son also enjoys preparing it himself so that they can have a refreshing drink with their family meals or snack times.

M2 was originally created by Zonito Torrevillas Tamase because of her diabetes and hypertension. She coupled the drink with a lifestyle change and she has been off her medications for quite some time now.

However, one mom discovered its effectivity as a galactagogue, so it is widely used and known in breastfeeding communities.

~ Doc Jamine’s Recipe — M2 with Ningxia Red and Sparkling water. ~

We also know of two doctors who mix M2 with Ningxia Red—a product of Young Living. You may read more about Young Living essential oils here: Are Essential Oils Good for Your Family?

Who M2 Is Good For

M2 is health drink concentrate is good for everybody. Toddlers who are at least 1 year old can already take this as immune booster.

But because of its power to stimulate milk production, many lactating moms take this as a breastfeeding supplement.

About These Two Bacolod Mompreneurs

Both Mommy Icai and Mommy Maj are registered nurses by profession but are no longer practicing.

Icai is a new mom with a 10-month-old baby and she keeps a part-time work online. It had been her fervent prayer to have another source of income, preferably in retail. That prayer was answered last March 2020—just before the lockdown.

Meanwhile, Maj has been in business for quite some time already. With the support of their husbands, both ladies agreed to market M2 in Negros. Icai is so confident in the product because it has personally helped in her journey as a breastfeeding mom.

~ M2 Malunggay Tea Drink — gosh, I need this to ease pain. ~

These two Bacolod mompreneurs are just blessed to find the business for them in this time of crisis. They get to earn and keep the family budget on track while they stay safely at home. Plus, they get to keep their families healthy with the M2 as supplement. It’s a total win-win!


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