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M2 Malunggay, Okra & Ginger Iced Tea for Breastfeeding Moms (Review)

Are you looking for ways to boost your milk supply?

My little Zee was a breastfed baby for four years + (Honestly, until now even if he’s turning 5 years old few months from now, he still wants “dodoy” before bed time). Our breastfeeding journey like most moms, during the first year was “difficult” but it is very rewarding, one of the best decisions I’ve made as a first time mom.

When Zee was still an infant, his pediatrician advised us to give him only organic soy milk or purely breastmilk because of his atopic dermatitis, to help avoid developing more allergies that can even lead to asthma.

A breastfeeding advocate also told us that breastfeeding is not just beneficial for babies pati pala si mommy, bumababa ang risk ng cancer because of breastfeeding. The longer, the better ang breastfeeding for both mommy and baby.

And isa sa palaging tinatanong sa akin ay “How do you keep your milk supply”?

In order to keep quality breast milk supply sufficient, it is essential to always stay hydrated dahil nakaka-uhaw talaga mommies ang breastfeeding, palagi akong may water or liquid drink lalo na nung less than 1 year pa lang si Zee.

And yes, this means that nursing mothers need to be sipping liquids most of the day. But most important of all, the health and nutritional state of the mom must always be at the optimum to make sure quality milk is being produced for her baby.

Although water is good, I’m sure moms would love to try something different that will help in boosting their milk supply + with nutritional benefit para kay mommy.

In 2011, NatureEarth has introduced M2 concentrate tea drink. With malunggay, okra and ginger as its main ingredients, it is packed with powerful nutrients, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium and has been proven to significantly improve the amount of milk of nursing mothers. It is, by far, the best and most convenient diet for breastfeeding mothers, which are important for a baby’s growth. Malunggay, okra and ginger are also low calorie vegetables that are excellent sources of calcium and healthy antioxidants, important for both mothers and theirs babies.

It is a known fact that malunggay is a good enhancer of breastmilk. Kapag breastfeeding mom ka nga sabi nila “Malunggay is Life”(hehe) And to further support this claim, a case study research was conducted by NatureEarth wherein twelve moms ages 18 to 33 years old with babies ages 2 weeks to 2 months old were asked to participate. Half of them were asked to drink one glass of M2 concentrate tea drink daily, while the other half were asked to drink 2 glasses. After a month of regularly drinking M2 concentrate drink, the 6 mothers who drank 2 glasses daily claimed they produced more breast milk. While the other 6 who drank only a glass did not notice any changes on the quantity of their breast milk.

On the second month, all mothers claimed to have an increased amount of milk being produced, including the ones who only drank a glass daily.

Then on the third month of continuously drinking M2 concentrate drink, everyone noticed that they felt better because no one got sick during the three-month period and there was an ease in bowel movement. Some mothers even claimed that their skin became smoother. Malunggay is not just good inside the body mommies, but even outside – it can lessen the fine lines, keeps our skin hydrated kaya hindi mukhang “dry” and it even helps mag-heal ng wounds.

How to drink the M2 Malunggay Concentrate Tea?

You can drink it hot or cold.

But I prefer drinking it iced cold!

Just add 4 tbsps of M2 Concentrate Tea + lemon or kalamansi (optional) in a glass of water (Thanks Mommy Neri for the tip)

How much is the M2 Malunggay, Okra and Ginger Tea?

1 liter is P259.00, makes 17 glasses.

300ml is P99.00, makes 5 glasses.

So parang, P15.23/glass if you’ll get the 1 liter ok sya tipid mommies

Where to buy?

This cool and refreshing tea is available in all Robinsons Supermarkets and Andoks Litson Manok stalls.

You can also order online through their partner stores and resellers.

Can my toddler drink it? Can a non-breastfeeding mom drink it too?

Yes, the M2 Juice is like a “veggie drink” for all ages

(except for infant and 2 years old below or ask your Child’s physician moms)

For more information about the product and other updates, please follow their Facebook page, M2LactationClub.


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